Thursday, 23 October 2014

How to do your own wedding make up- added drama!

I'm honoured to be featured on the fabulous Braw Brides once again with a new wedding make up tutorial I've opted for a budget look this time round but the products I have chosen are great quality & still long lasting and is just a little bit more drama for your big day.

If you like the look and are interested in the products click on any of the clicks below and you can buy it all online. Easy peasy!


Brushes I used:
Nasnshy Blending Brushperfect if you have small eyes or need more precision!

Here's the finished look...

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Changing up your make up for the season...

As Autumn/Winter sets in here in the UK I've been thinking about the ways I change up my skincare and make up routine to suit the change in weather and to ensure my make up tones & colours  suit the richer warmer tones we see in winter fashion.


No big surprise here and sorry if it's predictable but I love plum for autumn/winter.  My favourites for lips is Clinique's Chubby Stick in Broadest Berry or if you prefer a lipstick I particulary like No 7's Moisture Drench in Sugar Plum.  Both are cool tone and therefore have that magic teeth whitening effect.  I always think you can go really bare minimum on the rest of your make up but still look really impactful will a darker lip.


You might have found that you have become more prone to breakouts since autumn has hit that's usually because we tend to suffer blocked pores .  So as the weather gets colder we really need to treat our skin to a good exfoliation once or twice a week to let the healthy skin shine through and shed the drier flakier skin that comes hand in hand with winter.  I personally like a hot cloth cleanser option such a the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish but to be honest you don't need to spend a fortune you can use your usual facial wash but buff it off with a muslin cloth.  Follow the exfoliation with a good serum or facial oil, these products have much smaller molecules than moisturiser so gets absorbed into the the skin quickly and goes much deeper.  If your skin can really handle it and isn't prone to breakouts follow up your serum or oil with a rich night cream to really lock in that moisture.

Warm Browns.

I love using warmer browns and copper tones in make up at this time of year as it suits so many eye colours.  They can make blue eyes appear bluer, green eyes warmer and brown or hazel eyes richer.  They are really worth experimenting with if you don't really use them.  Copper pigment placed in the centre of the lid over a soft brown smokey eye is a great way to really make your eye stand out I like the Barry M Dazzle Dust in Venus as they are very fine and inexpensive!  If you feel like treating yourself you can rely on the MAC pigments to transform a smokey eye into something more intense and lustrous.  My favourites are copper sparkle and for a darker finish I like Blue Brown.


As we succumb to turning our central heating on and we receive less vital vitamin D from the sun our skin becomes parched and that's how it becomes drier in the winter.  Treat it from the inside by drinking lots of water, get yourself a nice water bottle and get guzzling.  I did this about mid August and I find it so easy to drink more water now however feel a bit lost when I leave the house without it!  Also try and replace some of the moisture in the air in your home by placing bowls of water near the heat sources around your house which will also stop your hair & nails from drying out.


Yes you are still allowed to use bronzer.  Just because it's autumn now it doesn't mean you have to banish any warmth to your skin in fact a bronzer can really help compliment the warm browns, plums, rich greens and even mustard colours that we see more of in Autumn/Winter.  I tend to change to matt textures though and add a bit of shimmer just with a highighter. I love the Korres Wild Rose Compact to add a bit of warmth but it gives such a velevty finish I think this is something I will always re-buy. I generally also use this in a scuplting way so not so all over bronze as I would in summer.   Look out for my upcoming post 'easy contouring with powder' soon.  If you prefer to stick to something you know go for Benefit's Hoola although its quite dark in colour it is matt therefore great for adding colour and definition to the face but not sparkle which is much more in keeping with autumn/winter make up.

This gorgeous wee make up bag was found on Etsy.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Chic little wedding day warmers...

Whether it's something to throw over your shoulders to heat you up in the chillier weather (here in the northern hemisphere) or just something to cover up with and just add a little extra wow factor there is so much choice out there to compliment your wedding gown.

The Humble Cardigan. 

It's good enough for her evening outfit Kate wore a gorgeous mohair shrug I really liked how this managed to make her wedding dress a bit more casual and gave her a relaxed look. You could go for a colourful cardi like this stunning yellow one to add a pop of colour and tie in your wedding flower colour.  I love a blue cardi as your something blue & you could even add extra detail to your gown by choosing a bow detail cardigan....the ear muffs I also find adorable for a winter wedding.


Perfect for covering shoulders if you're worried about exposing a little too much skin. Lace, beaded, sequinned they are all beautiful options for adding an extra smidgen of sparkle & style!  It could be a made from vintage lace, adorned with jewels or simply covered in sequins this is a great way to inject a bit of personality into your wedding dress.

Feathers & Fur.

If you are looking for something to add a bit of warmth to your wedding outfit why not go all out with a vintage fur/faux fur coat or feather bolero.  I love this option as a cover up as it adds extra texture and will look stunning in your wedding photos.  Go for a contrasting colour to really make your choice stand out or opt for a white to keep it all neutral.  

Follow my board over on Pinterest for more of my chic little wedding warmers :)

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

October Wishlist

Time for a new feature here and it's not all about make up! This is my monthly round up of what I think is gorgeous and makes it on to my wishlist.  In other words... satisfy my inner shopaholic!

Original High Heel Boots by Hunter  

Now don't scoff as these are just fabulous!  I remember when the wedge wellies came out and I just didn't see the point but these babies aren't even trying to be practical they are simply a statement with the added bonus of keeping your feet dry!

Oops I'm a little bit in love with this ring.  I went into Pandora to have a look at their gorgeous little stacking rings I thought I could get mine and Poppy's birthstone rings with the view to give her hers when she's older then I stumbled across this!  Gorgeous plus I have a particular penchant for feathers at the moment.

How have I never fedora'd before? I love a hat and this autumn/winter I will be shunning the humble hood for this little number to keep me dry on the rainy Scottish school run. This one from Forever21 is a steal and I think kills two birds with one stone as I can never seem to find a stylish coat with a hood.

I went into River Island recently looking for a present for my friends birthday I was at the wallet stand for a good half hour trying to choose from their gorgeous range.  I like that it's a proper grown up purse (yes lots of sections for your cards and receipts etc etc) but style has a bit of flair & design. What's even better is they also have matching bags & even luggage for some of them!

SO... hope you like my October Wishlist if you'd like to see more posts like this please let me know with a comment.  Happy Shopping! x

Tuesday, 30 September 2014


It's a strange word that isn't it.  To me it's about doing something differently, or something new, it can be exciting but often it involves effort and can involve things we might not necessarily want to.  If I have spoken with you in person this year there is a good chance I have mentioned a change for me that is happening soon and, as a result, a change for Made Over Ladies. On 1st January 2015 my family and I  will arrive in Melbourne, Australia to start out our life there and continue on our journey as a family.  Gary & I have lived there before and it is a time for a change for us, to grasp an opportunity with open arms.  Yip its scary, it's exciting and it's hard work.  When I think about myself I feel like in general I am resistant to change I generally prefer the status-quo because it's safe, comfortable and makes me think of a blankie and a hot cup of tea on a chilly evening. However more recently I've been thinking about change differently and I have been substituting the word change with chance.  There's not much between the words really is there, just a swap out of one little letter.  A change can be tough but a chance feels like something exciting and desirable.  It's something I want to do for myself, for my husband and for my kids.

When we have told people what we are doing there has definitely been mixed reaction and I get that because everyone has their own ideas about what we should and shouldn't do in life or with our lives, where we should be and what we think is the right thing to do.  I've listened to people be shocked, I've been congratulated and told good for you, I've been told it's sad, I've been told I'm lucky, I've been told i'm brave, I've been asked why? I've felt guilt, I've been excited, I've cried and I could go on and on.  I've listened to it all but most of all I've reminded myself of that one newly edited word in my head...chance.

This wasn't meant to be all about me so I'll swiftly move on.  So what does this mean for Made Over Ladies as you know it?  Well I see it as a chance for something new and new opportunity.  Kirsty will continue to work her magic on brides all over Scotland and we have already welcomed a new MUA to our team, Brogan.  With some new exciting projects on the horizon for her and further growth for the MOL team on the cards she's embracing a new challenge and chance.  I will still very much be a part of the Made Over Ladies team and will be focusing on my blog and launching Made Over Ladies Melbourne so I will still very much be a permanent fixture for Made Over Ladies and I hope you can join us, follow us and support us on our new and exciting pathways. To me change is different but it's not the end of something it's a chance to grow.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Somethings in life transcend time...

Today the lovely Janet & Frank Purdie celebrate their Ruby wedding anniversary.  We had the honour of using Janet's beautiful wedding dress in our very first photoshoot 'A Vintage Wedding Story'.  Originally handmade by Janet's sister in 1974 the dress is pristine and has been kept lovingly by Janet.  Like their love has transcended time so has this beautiful gown.  We think Janet's wedding style is as current as it is vintage.  

Here's to Janet & Frank... 40 years later we wish them many more years of happily ever after x

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The free hand liner

My last lesson on winged eyeliner focused on using a gel liner and that handy little sellotape trick if you have mastered that and feel like moving onto a free hand version of liner use this guide below to keep you on the right track.

I'm using the L'Oreal Super Liner which I have been really impressed with.  The nib is nice and thin which makes for a thin, neat line which means you can build up thickness if required.

Follow the steps below:  

  1. Hold the pen horizontally and very tight to your lashes (make sure you are using the long side of the pen)  I like to start about three quarters of the way along (this helps to keep the eye look open and wide)
  2. Slowly and carefully draw small strokes along the lash line (keeping tight to the lashes) if you need to pull your eyelid up slightly to get to the lashline go ahead and do this (you don't want any gaps)
  3. Once you have your horizontal line along the lash line pull the line upwards and out (imagine your lower lashline being stretched up toward your brow as your guideline)
  4. Once you are happy with the length start from the point and bring it back down at an angle to make a (kind of) triangle shape
  5. Fill in the gap so it's all black 

Things to remember:

  • The shape of your liner and triangle all depends on your eyeshape as you go step back and gauge the shape your are making with your eyes open.  
  • Don't forget you can always use a cotton bud and eyemake up remover if you need to perfect the line. 
  •  I usually finish off my liner with a sweep of kohl liner under the lashes in the upper water line this is what keeps everything nice and dark.