Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Taking the leap & sharing the love!

Today I'm not going to spend my two hours of freedom whilst Miss Poppy is at playgroup doing what I was planning on doing and I'm taking the opportunity to write something a little different.  It's all about work and life and trying to keep myself on the tightrope which keeps the balance between the two.

I've been self employed for about 5 years now and I would say I' would consider myself reasonably successful.  I have a job that I really enjoy, that suits my family life, I don't have to spend money on childcare, I'm either working on days my husband is home or my lovely and helpful family members help me out.  The majority of what I do can fit in around the kids but it doesn't necessarily mean it's easy.  Like everyone trying to do the juggling act it's sometimes hard to stay upright and not tangled up on the safety nets.  Often after we have children or our circumstances change a little bit we have to adapt to the changes and make decisions about what it is we want.   You don't have to head to an office every day to be a dedicated worker, you don't have to be 9 to 5 in a retail store to be a worker, you don't have to be in a salon or kitchen or garage or hospital every day to be hard at work.  There's other options out there if you want them or if you need them and you are prepared to take a leap of faith.  Don't get me wrong I have massive respect for those of you going out there every day and doing it all I think you are amazing.  My friends and I have all taken lots of different routes when it comes to worklife balance.  No one route is the right one it's just what works for you.

I know a few other mums who have done the same as me and gone ahead and taken the leap into being self employed as they have chosen to pour their heart and soul into something that they really want to do.  I want to say 'high five' to them and 'you go girl' but then I realise I'd probably sound like an idiot so I instead I try to show a bit of support in the small ways I can...I talk about them.  In fact I could (and will be) talking about them more.  I'm going to natter about them and chat about them and I'm going to be the biggest gossip ever and I hope you'll join in.

What's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? (if you have a child over the age of 3 I am hoping you get at least 5 minutes of blissful peace when the daylight first makes an appearance) for me its a quick flick through of my social media favourites so usual suspects, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and one of my faves Pinterest.  I have surrounded myself on these communities with like minded peeps that have decided to start up themselves and put every ounce of effort and free time into their businesses and their resulting livelihoods.

Here's a few things I will be doing to help out and support the little guys more:

1. I'm going to SHARE more.  Ok we all love to be liked but if you hit SHARE on Facebook you are spreading the word to soooo many more people.  I'm not saying don't 'like' my stuff, please do, but if you read something you like or see something you think is cute hit the share button.  You've basically given that person (whom i'm calling the little guy) access to all of your friends on facebook  to help them spread their message plus given them a virtual high five.  When someone shares my stuff I think "Oh I must have done a good job there insert happy face here" and gives me a little boost.

2. I'm going to chat more.  I'm getting involved.  I'm going to comment and tell someone when I think "wow that's fab" or "oh I fancy that" I'm going to tag my friends when I see something I think they'll like.  I might even ask a question here or there. I'm going to pop a review on a page if I enjoyed my visit or if the person I enlisted did a really good job.  I'll post a pic of my fab new nails or nice clean car or cute handmade card I've bought.  I'm going to say thanks (in public) so everyone else can see too.

3. I'm going to tweet more.  Ok I'm just getting my head round twitter now (slow I know) but when I see something that I take something from I'm going to hit favourite and i'm going to retweet.  I love reading blogs and I read loads of them.  Next time I read a post I love I'm going to say wow that was a good read!  If I see in little inspirational ditty on pinterest i'm going to repin it maybe someone else will take away a bit of inspiration from it too.

4. I'm going to make friends.  I'm going to find  that mums' business page that I was talking to at playgroup and I'm going to let my friends know about it (here I go with the sharing again)  I'm going to track down my dentist's daughters blog he was telling me about and I'm going to add her on bloglovin and mention it to my friend if I think she'll enjoy a read.  I'm going to let my brides know when I come across a fab new business that has just started up and I think their work is great. I'm going to follow a board here and there when I think it's adding some value to my life and i think others might benefit.

So anyway I'm going to be doing a lot of talking and I encourage you to do so too.  Social media is no longer just about watching funny videos, catching up on friends pictures, talking to old pals it's actually where lots of us little guys are trying to run our businesses and get our message out there! I'm in another situation change now where I find myself moving on from one successful business and starting from scratch all over again and it's highlighting just how hard I had to work the first time.  I think it takes guts to put yourself out there and go for it, do something new, so if you're are in the position were you are considering taking the leap and you are able to do so I say go for it!  And for those of you who are already doing so (even if I sound like an idiot) 'high five' and 'you go girl' and most of all, for us little guys and everyone else in between, please don't be shy and share the love!

Inspirational images provided by:

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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Summer loving x

School holidays have really effected my blog post schedule so sorry to those of you have been following my #molmakeuplesson series and have noticed I have been somewhat absent recently...I will return to normal viewing shortly!  In the meantime I thought you might like to see a snapshot of what I got up to in my summer of fun. 

 You might see a few things that will be coming up on the blog soon including how to make a DIY flowercrown (not just for summer my autumnal colour choices make it perfect for my October weddings I am attending this year and a DIY photobooth...such a fun feature to do for a sepcial event, party or wedding as you can see we had great fun doing it!  Hope you've all had a lovely summer..I'm now holding out for the Indian summer to make an appearance!

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Make up lessons now available for booking!

I've always been into make up I've experimented with it and always felt comfortable with using it.  I have a natural flair for it.  This is why I decided to train as a Make up Artist...I suppose being comfortable using make up is something I have taken for granted.  I have worked on so many ladies that tell me they just don't know what to do with make up, there's just so many products to choose from and they just feel overwhelmed with it all.  

If you would like to learn how to do your own make up and learn what products you need to create the look you really want why not book in for a make up lesson.  

A One-on-One make up lesson is £30 in this session we will go over the make up techniques required to create your desired look, review your current make up bag and I will recommend products and brushes that will make the job easy for you.  If you have a friend that would like to learn alongside you it's £25 per person.  If it's a special occasion you are attending I can finish the look off for you with a false lash application (£5pp).

If you are interested in this service or would like to make a booking please email me on amy@madeoverladies.com

Find out more about my lessons elsewhere on the blog and read up on my DIY Make up series by searching #MOLmakeuplesson in the 'find on the blog' in the sidebar x

Thursday, 28 August 2014

An evening soiree at TOPSHOP.

Made Over Ladies attended a fab little soiree marking the launch of the new honeymooners personal shopping service at TOPSHOP in association with The Scottish Wedding Directory. We met some lovely brides to be and fellow wedding industry suppliers and partook in some fabulous window shopping!

Personal Shopper Laura Galloway introduced us to the Personal Shopping appointment menu which is quite extensive they really have something to offer for every kind of occasion. 

Laura showed us a few of her picks for the wedding season and some honeymoon outifit choices I loved the tomato colour of this blazer and the large flower print on the dress.  With a few friend's weddings coming up this year I was weighing up my options.


The personal shopping suites were also gorgeous a really nice space for trying on and having some girly fun.  This would bean ideal place for kicking off a hen party or girls night out.  The ladies can also supply bubbles and sweet treats as you try.  Even better.

Time for some fun...

 trying on...

 and of course a #selfie

We also got chatting to some lovely local wedding suppliers and met the fab team from 'Higher Love' who have a beautiful turquoise VW Camper van named Peggy Sue available for hire to transport your wedding party in true vintage style. Pop over to their facebook page to check her out.

We had a fab little night at TOPSHOP and really liked Laura and the girls' styling choices. Personal shopping isn't something I've tried but it's something I'm looking forward to trying it out now.  Here's a few words from Laura about the service she provides...

"Here at TOPSHOP we offer a complimentary service for all our customers. 

So, whether it is a complete wardrobe overhall, an outfit for a night out or wedding, I am here to help you find those pefect outfits! 

We offer on the spot style advice and offer a range of appointment types to suit all your needs. 

You may also consider Personal Shopping as a gift for someone therefore, we offer Personal Shopping Gift Cards. The gift card allows you to give the gift of a personal shopping spree to your desired value and full use of the Personal Shopping suit. 

 You can call our booking line 0844 2435544  to book an appointment. Alternatively you can email me at laura.galloway@topshop.com"

Sunday, 24 August 2014

A little word that means so much...

What words do you think about when you think of a Wedding? Love? Happiness? Marriage? Maybe it's new beginnings and building lives together, starting out and planning your adventures together.  I have the pleasure of being part of weddings who have already started on their journeys and their plans involve more than just husband and wife they maybe already have their homes and have gorgeous little ones to share their wedding day with them so along with 'Happiness', 'Love' and 'Marriage' along comes 'Family' to join the party...

2 years ago we celebrated Kirsty & Nicks wedding day a celebration of their beautiful family.    A day to mark all of the love, history and effort that goes into that small but momentous word....Family. From the matching suits & converse worn by Owen & Evan to Morvens pretty boho floral crown and Joselyn's jewelled dress that twinkled in the lights.  The flowers in tea cups & jars made with love by Kirsty the night before her big day, the meaningful soundtrack to the wedding day chosen by Nick, to the handmade bunting and wedding favour hearts made by her mum and the look of pride on her dads face as he walked her down the aisle.  This was a day full of happiness, love and above all, family.  

Gorgeous families like this don't just happen there's hard work and effort involved, kids to get to school on time and bills to pay and it's sometimes it's easy for us to get caught up in it all.  To me anniversaries aren't about the flowers or chocolates or perfume (although accepted gratefully) but maybe they are about reflection and reminiscing and maybe most importantly there to remind us of who's there at the centre of it all. 

Happy Anniversary to a very beautiful person in my life and her very beautiful family xxx

Thursday, 7 August 2014

A quick 5 minute tip on how to master the flawless foundation routine!

Different kinds of foundation brushes call for different application techniques.  Each of these techniques can be used alone but combine the two methods for the most thorough and flawless finish...

Sweep it down- if you have a flat foundation brush it's likely you spend your mornings painting on your product on that's fine but ensure you only use downward strokes to flatten any tiny downy hairs on the face and not brushing them upwards!  Use the tip of your brush to get right in to the corners of the nose and under eye area.   Also be sure to 'mould' your foundation in with your fingers by pressing  your finger tips over your applied product this will get rid of any brush marks and keep it looking natural.

Whisking it round- for using a buffing or kabuki brush.  This is when you use your a round brush in a whisking circular motion to really buff product into your skin.  This is the best method for filling in pores and fine lines.  It's the best way to melt the product into the skin rather than having a layer of product sitting on top of the skin which makes for a longer lasting finish.

Combining these two techniques will ensure you have an even & thorough coverage which is buffed into the skin resulting in a fresh and natural finish.

Enjoy your new flawless face!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

How to do brows...

Here's a quick little something on how to do brows:

1. Brush those babies up with a spoolie (or clean mascara wand)
2. Fill in with a shadow starting from the arch in an outwards direction (I like to use an angled brush)
3. Work your way down the tail of the brow elongating them if you so desire
4. Brush the product lightly through the start of the brow so to keep it natural (an upwards direction is good here)
5. Want to look five years younger? Highlight on top of your brow and blend it in which give you an instant eye lift..perfecto x

Do you have brow traumas?  Ask me a question and I'll do my best to answer catch me on...

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...ohh and excuse my fluffy hair #curlygirlproblems